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Trendy Short Hairstyles for 2011

For 2011, what's trendy (or not!), there is an endless selection of lengths, colors, textures, finishes, volume, shine and control. Personalizing your hairstyles, creating something uniquely for yourself from your likes and what appeals to you, is what makes you fashionable; current; trendy. You can use the guides and hairstyle galleries to help you find a jumping point for finding new hairstyles, but when it comes to choosing a complete look choose something for yourself because it appeals to you and will accentuate your natural beauty instead of choosing something you think people will like on you. Ultimately the people wearing the hairstyles have to be comfortable with in it to make it believable. Here is a selection of beautifull short hairstyles for 2011 to help get you thinking and maybe even spark some ideas.

Girls with a lot of natural texture and massive amounts of hair know how hard it is to get polished hairstyles without appearing overdone. Short hair especially is hard to perfect because it's so easy to overuse product, get product buildup, then have completely unmanageable hair. To get the buildup off hair strands, use a clarifying shampoo, then follow up with a normal washing/conditioning routine.
Try a product like Aveda's best-selling Control Paste . It will give polish to hairstyles without too much shine, and will also provide a pliable hold. Bonus for this product is there are no synthetic fragrances, so you smell natural and amazing!

Not everyone wants a soft, feminine haircut. That’s totally okay! You can pull off edgy hairstyles and still keep up with current trends by easing up on the product or changing the type of product you use. If you’ve used a glue or wax in the past to get a really piece-y, choppy finish, changing that to a balm or whipped pomade will lighten things up a bit and keep hairstyles from becoming too harsh (try Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip

Michelle Williams is pretty much always a fashionista, so you can look to her for some terrific short hairstyles for inspiration. The lighter blonde color all over brightens up her face and having it cut short with her face shape opens up her neck and jaw line and makes the overall look feel more accessible. Heavy bangs subtly layered across her forehead keep the cut from feeling severe and the finishing touches from her stylist round the shape out instead of making it look boxy or choppy. The style is soft and approachable, but still chic. There is natural volume to it, but it doesn't look overwhelming or high maintenance. This short hairstyle is definitely wearable! 

Chloe Moretz's short bob has full curls at the ends, which gives it a lot of body and volume without having to sacrifice much length. A deeper side part swept across her forehead adds a touch of mystery and makes it feel romantic. Subtle highlights give the finished hairstyle a glow, and the products used aren't wearing it down at all. It appears to be healthy and full of life; a soft version of past Hollywood starlet hairstyles.


If you're feeling like you don't want to part with piece-y hairstyles, try adding some volume. This next year is all about short hairstyles with volume – a lot or a little, or anywhere in-between! For a short haircut, adding volume and getting it to stay shouldn't be all that hard. Try Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Volumizing Extra Hold Spray (approx. $23 for 10oz). For a cheaper alternative, look for a lightweight volumizing hairspray with good hold. You definitely don't want a thick heavy hairspray bogging down that lift! A little volume can make a huge difference for many hairstyles. 

    Edgy, no extra volume, piece-y…you want it all. That will work too as long as you create some great texture to prevent hairstyles from looking plastered to the head. Style normally, but instead of making sure every strand is in its rightful place, try breaking it up with your fingers and only spraying a light hold hairspray to defend against any fly-aways. Just because you have a classic short haircut, doesn't mean it can't be trendy at the same time! To get added texture, experiment with Sebastian's Texturizer 

If you're the type of girl who likes to be at the front end of the trend instead of the backside, you'll want to find short hairstyles that give you volume, texture, a soft touchable finish that looks effortless and fresh with color. It's okay to want it all, but have a plan before your stylist starts chopping away! Being familiar with your face shape, body type, the undertones of your skin, and the available time you've got for styling will make a world of difference since there are limitless options. If you're not sure what short hairstyles will look best, ask a professional. Their business is beauty and they're typically unbiased. Not getting a good answers from your stylist or still getting terrible hairstyles? Get a second opinion. You do it all the time with the doctor, mechanic and other service people, so your hair stylist should be no exception. Asking relatives and close friends can be tricky since their instinct is to tell you that you'll look good no matter what! You can also examine hairstyles through virtual hair styling programs. Check out the reviews before you choose a site at 

Wanting more versatility in a haircut but want to keep it short? Ask for hairstyles with longer sections in the front that you can pull back if desired. Having that extra bit of length in front serves a few purposes. Not everyone is comfortable with having shorter hair in the front and those longer pieces can help you adjust to a shorter style. Depending on your face shape, they can also help frame your face to create a softer appearance. The longer pieces also allow more styling options with curling, braiding, accessories, etc. If you'd like to add a hairpiece for a night of long hair, there are attachments available that just clip about halfway up the back of your head. Having longer pieces on top will help make a more seamless transition from your hair to the hairpiece. There are a ton of online companies that sell hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces. It's an investment where you get what you pay for, so know what hairstyles you want and ask questions before you buy.  

Waxes and pastes are also excellent products for those with short haircuts. You can purchase one that costs slightly more to get better results, knowing that it should last you a very long time! In the professional product realm, quality is everything. Because you're getting better ingredients with fewer fillers, you can be assured that using just a very small amount is going to give you an ideal result. Actually, utilizing less is almost always better! If you aren't following the manufacturer's instructions closely, you may not be seeing the best results from the product. Starting out with too much, however, can create hairstyles that are greasy or sticky. Yuck! Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste gets favorable reviews. 

Go all the way up with extreme volume and texture in your hairstyles. It takes a brave soul to wear it and if that's you, this is the perfect hairstyle. Use a product like Kenra's Platinum Texturizing Taffy  to get that great texture and weightless feeling without all the product buildup. Depending on the hairstyles, you may also have to use a hairspray or root boosting product to really hold the hair in place. Try to find a product that gets positive reviews for being lightweight because the whole point is to keep the hairstyles soft while enjoying the volume and texture. You definitely don't want crunchy or crusty hair! 

It's fun to wear spiky hairstyles sometimes, so if you're feeling it, go for it! Instead of making every strand a spike, soften up the fringe area. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, but create softness around your face then rock the rest out. Use a product like Alterna's Sculpting Putty . Use a product that gives you definition and hold, but that's easy to manipulate.  

Color is always a fun thing to play with, especially when you have shorter hair, because it grows out so quickly and you can completely change your look without having to suffer through the trashed hair look. If you've always gone for light-on-top hairstyles, experiment with a lighter color underneath that peeks out in strategic places from a darker color on top. You don't want hair color to be symmetrical and perfect – you do want it to be fun and spontaneous! You can go extreme with color selection or start out with more subtle variations of your base color. Talk to a colorist about color choices, what will compliment your skin, and what the maintenance will be. You can also visit sites like to see what the experts have to say about professional techniques!

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