Saturday, October 8, 2011

Popular Short Choppy Cut 2011

For some reason, when it comes to short hairstyles, a choppy cut seems to be a great choice for a lot of women. Maybe it is because not all women look as great as Natalie Portman with a simple pixie cut and a short choppy hairstyle seems to provide a little more for less.

Short choppy hairstyles offer a lot of different options for women considering a new short hairstyle and are a good choice for women considering a short hairstyle for the first time. However, a short choppy haircut will take more time to create than a simple one. The following photos show a good range of choppy short haircuts and is a good starting point.

Short Chop

This short chop is not very choppy in terms of layers and sections. The back of the hair has great texture and separation which shows a choppy look. The front is parted off center which good definition. This hair cut is lightly choppy compared to the other photos here but a good option to start off with.

Choppy Messy Hair

The next choppy hairstyle is a styled wild and messy. The front bangs are brushed to cover the forehead and graduated layers provide a lot of definition to the cut. Volume is added to the roots and crown to bring out the style. The hair can be styled in different ways to create other looks that are not as wild. The added volume and covering bangs provide enough details to be fitting for any face shape as well.

Short, Choppy, and Defined

The last photo here is a very textured and defined cut with some overlapping layers to create a very cute hairstyle. It is easy to see how defined the layers are as sections seem to be more visible. The front bangs covering the forehead allow for many different facial shapes to achieve the look well. The longer strands in the back complete the look with a nice finishing touch.

Celebrity Style - Short Choppy Hairstyle

The celebrity style section for short choppy hairstyles features Meg Ryan who looks great in short hairstyles period and has been one of the best at looking great in short cuts. The look offers very defined choppy layers with a parted front. A very compatible choppy cut for many women, especially oval face shaped ones. For more short, choppy hairstyle idea, be sure to visit the gallery or the Meg Ryan Hairstyles page.

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