Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrity Hairstyle Profile: Jessica Simpson

This page has photos of Jessica Simpson hairstyles. shows you how to copy Jessica's hairstyles, so you can look like ex-Newlyweds star, Jessica Simpson.
According to a U.S. magazine poll in 2005, most women rated Jessica Simpson's hair as the most desirable celebrity hairstyle.
For her famous wedding in 2002, Jessica wore her hair "soft and elegant" as styled by celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves.
According to Jessica Simpson's book about her romantic nuptials to Nick Lachey, called "I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding", Nick liked Jessica's hair "long and pretty". So Ken Paves created a soft cascade of loose finger curls to please both bride and groom.
Jessica Simpson is the all-american version of Bridget Bardot, with that classic "sex kitten", blonde bombshell look. Whether Jessica is wearing her hair sleek and straight, or full and curly, she exudes sexy style.

Tips : How Get Jessica Simpson's Full, Sexy Hair:

Comb freshly washed hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Partially blow-dry your hair to get rid of excess moisture.
Spray a volumising tonic on your hair, or a handful of mousse spread from tips to ends for extra oomph.
Pin hair up and take out small sections at a time to blow-dry. Hold the dryer in one hand and a styling brush in the other.

Place the brush underneath the first section of hair and position it at the roots. Keep the tension on the hair (without tugging too hard) and move the brush down towards the ends, while directing the air flow down the hair, following the movement of the brush.
Blow-dry using a large, round brush with a metal core. Wind hair completely up the brush, focusing on creating lift at the roots. Gently blast hair with a hair-dryer until dry.
Curl the brush under at the ends to achieve a slight bend. Continue until the back sections are completely dry and then repeat on the top sections of hair.
Finish with a light, flexible hairspray.

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