Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haircut 2011 : Short Curly Hairstyles

Naturally curly or straight, either one is great for a short style.
If you don’t have it genetically, you can get it from a curling iron or rollers or even a perm!  (They aren’t as outdated as you think they are…)  For girls who have very little time to get ready  in the morning to girls who like feeling super sassy and are high maintenance, short hair can be a great way to exhibit your personality.

Getting The Best Short Cut:

If you’re worried about how the style will turn out, ask the stylist for references or how much experience they have had cutting .  If you’re in a nicer salon and their prices are slightly higher, you can probably rest easy knowing they will do a great job.  The stylist would have had to earn that higher price.  I wouldn’t suggest getting your hair cut super short the first time at a discount location unless you know the stylist and their skills ahead of time or you aren’t that concerned with the outcome.

Naturally curly hair needs super sharp instruments.  If your stylist wants to use a razor to cut your hair, ask if it’s a new blade.  If it’s been used on even one haircut before, it will be slightly duller and you could end up with a frizzy mess instead of a fabulous new ‘do.

Take several photos with you of styles you really like.  Make sure your expectations match what you have to work with.  Your stylist may be good, but they aren’t magic!  If the person in your picture has really thick gorgeous curls and nice deep bangs, don’t expect the exact same result if your hair is fine and not that curly.  If their face looks adorable and pixie-ish, don’t expect your face shape to change just because you cut your hair off.  The cut can make a big difference; just know going in that you will still be you when you come out.

Color for short hair:

The best part about having short hair (minus the quick styling time!) is that you can play with color a lot more and your hair will forgive you.  Your ends tend to look healthier when hair is kept short and it’s easier to get a more consistent color throughout the hair when there is less of it and the quality of the hair is much the same.  For fall, follow the trend and go a little darker.  Chocolate browns, auburn, reddish copper… so many yummy colors to choose from!  When your hair is short and it’s a temporary color, the cost is a lot less.  No foiling, faster processing time, richer and healthier looking color – what’s not to love?

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